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Relevant cases


Relevant Cases

Title:Country:Year:Court / Arbiter:
Cardenas v. Mayor of Huamanga Peru 2011 Appellate The city must deliver information related to the travel, and travel expenses, of public officials as supported by the principle of publicity and the right to access information.
Jenny Cabrera v. Ministry of Justice Peru 2007 Constitutional Fees charged for access to copies of public information may not exceed market rate for reproduction as established by the rules of administrative procedures of the public agency in question.
Johnson v. Information Commissioner and the Ministry of Justice (Previously the Department of Constitutional Affairs) United Kingdom 2007 First instance Individuals may request information held by government agencies even when the requested information requires additional work to compile. However, if the cost of such additional work exceeds the limits prescribed by the Freedom of Information Act of 2000, the government agency has no obligation to comply with the request.
Scobin v. Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology Russia 2006 First instance The responsible agency must publish national consumer product standards on its official website and may not charge fees for hard copies of the documents.
UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition v. Ministry of Defense United Kingdom 2011 Appellate Information concerning detention and interrogation policies is of high public interest and should be disclosed; the public interest in access to diplomatic assurances that detainees would not be tortured outweighs any harm that might flow from disclosure; information concerning the Special Forces and legally privileged communications are exempt; and the personal data exemption is not implicated in a request for non-identifying statistical details.