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Government files review petition in the Namit Sharma case

Print and electronic media in India report that the Government of India has filed a review petition in the case of Namit Sharma v. Union of India. This is a recent Supreme Court case from India that issued several directions for constituting benches of Information Commissions. These directions include giving preference for candidates with judicial training and experience for appointment as members of the Information Commissions, reserving the post of Chief Information Commissioners to serving or retired judges of the Supreme Court or Chief Justices of the High Court and adopting time bound and transparent processes for appointing members of the Information Commissions.

The decision received mixed reactions from the civil society and beyond, the main concern being that it would be difficult to find a large number of competent judges to be appointed in Information Commissions across the country and that the decision would require amendments to India's Right to Information Act, 2005.

According to media and unofficial sources, the government has filed a review petition with the Supreme Court contesting several parts of the decision. Venkatesh Nayak from Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative says that the review petition covers most issues that they had identified as problematic.

You can read a summary of the case and access the full decision of the Supreme Court as well as the review petition in our RTI Case Law Database.